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Learning the five basics and vertical wall ends at the Stone Trust Barre, 10/8 & 9

A small group of wallers–beginners and enthusiasts advancing your skills–joined instructors Alex Hoffmeier, Jordan Keyes, and Jake McArdle for a two-day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling and a Cheek Rebuild workshop at the Stone Trust, Barre. The student:instructor ratio was optimal! 2 to 1!

We hear that you wallers in the Intro workshop completed your respective wall stints on time and to a high degree of fit and finish. We also hear that you cheek rebuilders completed your vertical wall ends. Thanks for finishing! With such a small group it can be hard to reconstruct the usual amount of dismantled wall.

Thanks to everyone for making the trip to the Stone Trust training site at Barre’s Vermont Granite Museum. With your presence you helped build momentum at this young site. And with what you learned about dry stone walling, you participate in preserving and advancing the tradition. Thank you!