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A Hot but Educational Introductory Workshop in Colorado

To close the 2024 workshop season at the Stone Trust CO, wallers came to a two-day workshop in June. A 2-Day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling teaches you the basics of dry stone walling over a period of time that allows plenty of time on the wall and interacting with your instructors. At this particular workshop, those two days were a little shorter than the usual 9 to 5, due to the extreme heat and group consensus that it would be better to spend less time working in such conditions. Thank goodness for the tent over the wall to keep everyone in the shade!

Despite the temperature, participants had a great time at the workshop. You all reported feeling like you learned the five basic principles of dry stone walling and that there is so much more about dry stone walling that you would like to learn. Four out of seven wallers came from Colorado, while others traveled from Illinois, New Mexico, and Texas. Thank you all for traveling from near or far to this workshop and struggling through the heat to make the most of your weekend. Folks like you have helped the Stone Trust Colorado enjoy such a successful first season as a new site.

Thank you to Hilary Dees, site champion and instructor, for all of your hard work and enthusiasm. Participants said you were great and funny, and thanked you for showing them different books and tools that could benefit their learning process.

The Stone Trust Colorado will not offer any other workshops until 2025, but they will host a Level 1 Test Day on November 12th if you are interested in getting Level 1 Waller Certification. Please be in touch with questions or comments.