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Thank you for coming! 2-Day Intro, Dummerston, 9/24 & 25

You brought a variety of experience and motivations to September’s  Two-Day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling. Some came with no experience and excitement to learn. Some wanted to add professional guidance to your histories of rock stacking, wall building, flatwork, and steps. Others came with considerable related professional experience, from restoration masonry to frontcountry and backcountry walling for trails and erosion control.  As is often the case, your aspirations encompass career development, creative stonework, and meaningful retirement activity.

You told us that you got what you came for–the ability to put into practice the five basic rules of dry stone walling that will ensure your projects stand against the forces of time, friction and gravity. That’s why you build with a batter. Two walls leaning gently towards each other as they rise to the copes are likely to fall towards each other, rather then out to the ground. Stringlines help you build a smooth face that rises at the proper ratio. (See Brian Post’s quick review of how to set your batter here.) Walls thoroughly and properly packed with hearting–the largest stone that will fit the space, preferably placed horizontal to the foundation–support the stones above and prevent them from leaning down towards the center. We hope you enjoy applying what you learned to the projects you have in mind and underway!

Thanks very much for coming to the Stone Trust Center! We hope to see you again as you continue to develop your skill and experience. The 2023 schedule of classes will be open for registration on November 1.

TJ Mora and Dan Morales-Walsh enjoyed sharing their know-how with you. Thanks very much to both for allocating their weekend to teaching the art and craft of dry stone walling!