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Comparing Notes on Traditional Walling Techniques at a 2-Day Intro in PA

On a nice, warm weekend in the middle of May, four wallers came to the Stone Trust PA barn to a 2-Day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling Workshop. The wallers were looking to learn the five basic principles of dry stone walling, specifically as the traditional techniques apply to geology in a region of North America, since one local participant had done some wall repairs in Greece.

By coincidence, Kim and Jerry Coggin, site champions of the Stone Trust PA and Level 3 waller-instructors, had just been looking at pictures of Greek dry stone walls. So they were excited to talk to someone with experience working on walls in Greece. One of the fun parts of building a walling community is the sharing of knowledge and experiences. The art and craft of dry stone walling is a tradition that would be lost if not for continued conversation and education, which is why workshops like these are so important.

Most of the wallers were beginners, but left the workshops feeling like they had grasped thoroughly the concepts and could apply their new skills to their own projects. One said, “Thanks for getting me started. I’m ready to go home and work on my stone wall.” Many expressed interest in retaining wall workshops and cheek rebuild workshops, which are great next steps for progressing in your dry stone education. Thank you all for dedicating your time to learning about dry stone walls. By carrying your knowledge into the world you help preserve and advance the art and craft of dry stone walling.

Thank you to Kim and Jerry Coggin for providing a “very positive, friendly, and informative experience.” Not only do you share your knowledge and experiences, but you make sure that the barn is set up with fans for a warm day and the wood stove for cold ones. It is this consideration that keeps folks coming back to learn from you.