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January Intro at the Stone Trust, PA Starts Off 2024 Workshop Season

An appropriate way to start off the 2024 workshop season, the Stone Trust PA had a 2-Day Introductory Workshop in the cold and snow. The outside temperatures for both days started at less than 10°F, and 6 inches of snow on the ground drifted in places to well over two feet. But with some hot drinks to start the day and the famous wood stove burning all day in the barn, the wallers were able to work in light jackets throughout the weekend. Walling is also a great activity for warming you up.

Despite the weather, participants were excited that the PA barn allowed them to learn about dry stone walling in the dead of winter. Four out of five wallers came from Pennsylvania, which is easier said than done with the weather. And one waller came from California after trying to come to a Stone Trust workshop for over a year. Thank you all for being committed to learning about dry stone walling and taking advantage of the PA barn.

Over the two days, everyone worked together to build a nice middle section of wall. Most participants got an idea of how they can use the basic principles of dry stone walling on their home projects. One waller was just excited to have bragging rights at work about their experience and a cool T-shirt.

Thank you to Kim and Jerry Coggin for your incredible commitment to teaching about dry stone walling no matter the conditions. Thank you for providing a barn, a wood stove, and even refreshments to help everyone enjoy their weekend. Participants said thank you for the woodstove and that the workshop exceeded their expectations.