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Intro to Stone Shaping: April 17, 2021 (VT)

April 17, 2021

Everyone at April’s Introduction to Stone Shaping class came with experience building with dry stone. One woman learned from her father when he was building walls and a dock for the beach. Several took introductory workshops and are building walls on their property. One man apprenticed in the United Kingdom and has run a landscape design/installation for twenty-one years. As is often the case at a Stone Trust workshop, the experience and purposes range widely. But everyone comes because of a fascination with stone.

Instructors Jordan Keyes, TJ Mora, and Pete Ryder facilitated training in the methods and techniques of shaping stone. Participants practiced splitting, bending, snapping, and using feathers and wedges to shape different types of stone for various reasons and purposes. Feedback from participants was positive. People went home having learned what they came for.

Thanks to everyone for making the trip. We hope to see you again!

To learn more about shaping stone, watch these videos:

For additional training, see our Curriculum in Dry Stone.