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Walling with Family and Friends at the Stone Trust Center, VT

Two groups of wallers came to the Stone Trust Center on the first weekend of June, some to an Introduction to Dry Stone Walling and others to a Women’s Intro. People came from across the Northeast and there seemed to be a bit of a theme developing as they arrived and introduced themselves. Multiple pairs of parents and children came to learn together. One group even had three generations! What a fun way for family and friends to spend their time together.

Walling requires teamwork and cooperation with wallers across from and next to you. Working together enhances bonding and helps you make new friends. The latter was more the case of the women’s introductory workshop. Six women gathered from Vermont, Massachusetts, Florida, and Nebraska to learn the five basic rules of dry stone walling. This group of women bonded over their passion projects at home. They even connected after the workshop to talk about their plans for walling and a potluck.

Both groups reported having learned what they came for. One waller even plans to attend the July Medley Weekend in New Hampshire to expand their knowledge. When a group of people is so excited about their home projects, it is always fun to see what is created.

Thank you to Victoria Merriman for teaching the Women’s Intro. The women appreciated you answering questions throughout the day and sharing your knowledge.

Thank you to Dario Coletta and Judy Rand for sharing your time and expertise with participants in the Intro Workshop. They appreciated your instruction and energy.