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January Waller of the Month: Andrew Pighills

ANDREW PIGHILLS (Connecticut) was born in Yorkshire, England. His formal horticulture training started at The Royal Horticultural Society at Harlow Carr Gardens in Harrogate Yorkshire, and has spent several decades creating gardens and building dry stone walls in his native England, in and around the spectacular Yorkshire Dales and the English Lake District. Having moved to the US in the early 2000s, he now continues this venerable craft here, building dry stone walls, stone structures and creating gardens throughout New England and beyond.

FEATURED IMAGE (above): Dry laid retaining wall and free standing wall, 9ft high, 60ft long, built in the mid 90s from property-sourced stone. From the foundations to the second row of through stones is retaining wall, above is free standing. On the opposite side are sheep pens, this being Yorkshire where Swaledale and Dalesbred sheep are renowned climbers, the cover band below the capstones extends 12 inches beyond the face of the wall, to prevent their escape.

Photo below: Residential retaining wall segment and plantings.

To learn more about Andrew and his company, English Gardens and Landscaping, click  HERE.