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January Waller of the Month: Jared Flynn

January 2022 -Waller of the Month- Jared Flynn (Moongate)

JARED FLYNN (Vermont) — Jared holds Master Craftsman certification from the DSWA-GB and is a certified examiner. In 2010, Jared helped found the Stone Trust, demonstrating his commitment to the professional development of his fellow wallers and the advancement of dry stone walling. When not designing and walling, Jared plays an integral role in keeping the Stone Trust Center in Dummerston running smoothly.

FEATURED IMAGE: MoonBridge, an interactive land art sculpture with an infinity step stile feature. Made with 1920s recycled abutment cheek ends from a granite train bridge as well as second generation curbing. The sculpture is 20 feet long, 16 feet tall, and the interior diameter of the circle is 7 feet.

PHOTO BELOW:   Irish Feiden wall made with vertical glacial till stones on the first lift and vertical goshen stone on second lift. The wall is 40 feet long and 6 feet high.

Jan 2022 Waller of the month - Jared Flynn