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Seven Memorial Day Weekend Events to Celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of The Stone Trust—Join Us!

Dear Members and Friends of The Stone Trust,

We rang in the new year with a great sense of accomplishment because 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of The Stone Trust.  As we plan events celebrating our 10-year milestone, we take a look back with pride and gratitude, and look ahead with your support and shared enthusiasm.

Stone by stone, with the help and participation of members, supporters, and workshop participants, we expanded the number of workshops from 2 in 2010, to 40 workshops in 2019.  Over the last ten years about 2000 registrants have learned how to wall.  The demand for a wide variety of workshops continues to grow as our mission, facilities and DSWA-GB certification process are recognized more and more. We now offer our training at satellite locations across the country.  We have inquiries from enthusiasts, contractors, historians, architects and more.

Stone by stone, year after year, you have made it possible.  You are the measure of our success. You have proven there is an audience that recognizes and appreciates the history, the value, the art and craft of dry stone walling.

Stone by stone, you helped build a widespread community of wallers in the US and abroad, building relationships and making friends along the way.  As part of our 10-year anniversary celebration we have planned some exciting events from May 20 to 25. There is something for everyone.

Scroll ahead for event details and sign-up.

Hope to see you there!

Judy Rand

Board Member

The Stone Trust

Dutton Farm Wall Curved Wall and Cheek End Rebuild, May 20, 21, 22

In 2010 the Stone Trust, in partnership with the Landmark Trust USA, started rebuilding the 1000-foot Dutton Farmhouse field wall.  Over the past ten years, workshop participants, instructors, and volunteers have spent thousands of hours restoring 900 feet of this beautiful and historic wall. We invite you to join us in the completion of this momentous effort as we work to rebuild the final 100 lineal feet in just 3 days. We need you to help make it happen! (add links…)

Slate Sphere Feature Build, May 20, 21, 22

To celebrate 10 years of service for the preservation of the craft of dry stone walling we pay our respect to the artistic side of the craft by building a memorial to all those who have contributed to The Stone Trust over the last decade. We dedicate this sphere to board members new and old, workshop participants who trusted in stone, the professional wallers who carry on the traditions of the craft, to our generous donors who have believed in the Stone Trust.

We plan to build a 5′ diameter sphere sitting atop a granite pedestal as a prominent new feature in our Stone Wall Park. (add links)

10 Years of The Stone Trust Celebration Evening, Friday, May 22

Please join us on this momentous occasion to celebrate The Stone Trust’s 10-year anniversary. Mingle with wallers, supporters and volunteers. Toast The Stone Trust founders and meet our new Executive Director. (add links)

Two-Day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling, Saturday & Sunday, May 23 & 24

Join in the excitement of our 10th Anniversary celebration while you learn all the basics of structural walling–and so much more! Join us in the Stone Wall Park to build a straight section of free-standing dry stone wall. Or if you come with experience, work on a wall end, also known as a cheek end. The knowledge taught in this workshop can be applied to any type of stone and dry stone walling project. The two-day format gives more time questions about your specific projects, learning stone shaping basics, and even splitting stones using feathers and wedges. (add links)

“Rock Your 10” Evening, Saturday, May 23

Revel in 10 minutes on the big stage to share your work with fellow artists and newcomers alike. Show some of the best pieces of stone work you’ve created in your career. You put your heart and soul into placing each and every rock. Now step back to enjoy a sense of pride and accomplishment. Share the product of your hard work and craftsmanship with others.  Here is your big chance! “Rock Your 10” during The Stone Trust’s 10-year anniversary celebration. Everyone is invited to watch! (add links)

A Conversation with Dan Snow and Whitney Brown, Sunday, May 24

Come listen to the reflections of two artisans and authors as they share their thoughts and show images of their stone creations. A founding member of The Stone Trust, Dan champions the preservation and advancement of dry stone handcraft. He is the author of several books, including In the Company of Stone. Whitney Brown, a professional member of The Stone Trust, is a dry-stone waller and writer based in the mountains of southwest Virginia. Her first book, Between Stone and Sky came out in 2018.  Book signing to follow.

Tour of The Stone Wall Park and/or a Local Dry Stone Feature Tour

Any Time of Your Choice

The area of Dummerston holds many beautiful pieces of stone work that you can enjoy at your own pace.  In addition to all the walls and features at The Stone Trust Center there are several fantastic feature structures which are publicly accessible and built by local wallers. You can visit the features anytime during daylight hours on your own. Some features are right by the road while others are a short walk from the road. (Dry Stone Feature Tour Map)