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Join the Volunteer Email List

Are you interested in hearing about opportunities to volunteer at The Stone Trust?  Just enter your name and email in the form!

We typically have several volunteer days per year to help get our training sites ready for workshops and work on special projects.

Volunteer days can involve all kinds of tasks including:  moving stone, building walls, basic carpentry, site organization, clean up, and much more!

Volunteer days are a great way to support The Stone Trust and spend some time working side others who are professional wallers or enjoy walling.  Even when not doing stone work there are plenty of opportunities to talk about walling.  Joining this list does not mean you have to attend, it just mean’s you will hear about the volunteer opportunities.

In addition to the volunteer days there are also other volunteer tasks that you will be notified about.  Some can be done remotely at your home, or on a computer.

Thank you for your interest and support!

Workshop rebuilding old field wall in Vermont