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Dry stone flatwork workshop very well received

The photos tell the story of this flagging/patio workshop. We see intent planning and preparation of both highly symmetrical and random patios. You all reported going home feeling absolutely confident that you can build on what you learned about preparing the base for a flatwork project. You feel comfortable with issues of drainage and choosing appropriate landscape fabric. Using lines and levels, as well as handling stone and shaping it to suit the project take a bit more practice.

One of you told us:

Loved the design work flow of this class. Much of why it works so well is the attention to detail and preparation of materials and content given by instructors. (Very willing to field questions, offer experience, and help with small and large work details as well.) Thank you!

Thank YOU for sharing your positive feedback! We’ll make sure that instructors Robert Faraone and Pete Ryder receive it.

Thanks, too, for making the trip to a Medley Weekend at the Stone Trust New Hampshire. We appreciate your time and effort and hope you are enjoying planning and implementing the projects you have in mind.