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July Waller of the Month: Dario Coletta

July 2021 Waller of the Month: Dario Coletta

DARIO COLETTA (Massachusetts) has spent the last 10 years or so designing and building in dry stone in the western part of the state. He holds Level 2 DSWA-GB certification. Dario writes: “The Stone Trust has really been the key for my continuing improvement and dedication to the fine art of stonework. Every visit to the Trust, whether taking a workshop, testing, instructing, or volunteering, inspires me to improve my craft.”

FEATURED IMAGE (above): This 65-foot, 4-foot high wall is capped with rhodonite (quartzite) boulders and sits at the bottom of a steep roadside slope. Its other challenges included a very wet site, a curve around a large sugar maple, and spanning a stream that runs under the road at the far end.

To learn more about Dario, click HERE.

Photo Below: This wall utilizes a fair amount of a 19th century walkway from a neighboring town in Western MA..

July 2021 Waller of the Month: Dario Coletta Additional Project