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July Workshops and Looking Ahead

A number of people registered for our July 11 Introduction to Dry Stone Walls and our 4-Day Medley of Dry Stone workshops have responded to last week’s article providing Cross State Travel Information. Some have expressed disappointment that they won’t be able to come to Vermont in July. Others are waiting to see how the map of safe counties changes over time. (The state updates it every week by Monday at 5.)

Some have requested refunds. Others have asked us to transfer registrations to fall workshops. Still others are trusting us to hold a credit towards a future workshop, as yet unscheduled. We are glad to do any of the above.

On a positive note, last week Massachusetts hosted only one safe county (< 400 cases/million inhabitants). This week Berkshire, Franklin, and Hampshire counties are all considered safe. Last week, no Connecticut counties were considered safe. This week Litchfield and Tolland counties both are. Things are looking up!

Because of uncertainty about how many registered participants will be able to attend July workshops, we are keeping a waiting list. If you live in a safe county and want to enroll, please email us: If you are unable to attend in July, we will do our best to reschedule workshops for later in the year.

Also, please be aware of our 2-Day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling in Isanti, MN on July 18 and 19. If you find that location convenient, you can learn from Advanced Waller Dan Peterson, instructor, professional member, and board member of The Stone Trust.

COVID-19 Travel Information As of June 19, 2020
COVID-19 Travel Information As of June 19, 2020
Standard TypicalStone Wall Construction Detail

We also want to support you in completing your project. Please visit How to Build a Dry Stone Wall, access a free download of Standard Specifications of Dry Stone Walls, and consider any or all of the books in our How-To Book Pack. You may want to get support for your project by sharing the design with one of our professional members. Some of them may be willing to consult with you as you do the work yourself.

Thanks to all for your patience, good humor, and financial support as we weather the impact of COVID-19. You have helped The Stone Trust viable by becoming  members and through your purchases of tools, books, and apparel. Special thanks for valuing the knowledge that our instructors can share with you. Your enthusiasm to learning the art and craft of dry stone walling inspires our staff to work for you.