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June Waller of the Month: Fran Hammond

FRAN HAMMOND (Pennsylvania) is a DSWA-GB Level II Certified Waller and owner of Morning Dew Stonework and Landscape, located in the Philadelphia area. Specializing in the design and construction of drystone patios, structures, and native landscapes. Fran loves the harmony that can be created with natural stone and plant material. When he’s not building with stones, Fran enjoys climbing stones, balancing stones, throwing stones, and collecting stones.

FEATURED IMAGES: This freestanding wall, with arched doorway, was built as an aesthetic way to hide leftover construction materials. The wall is made of PA Bluestone. Reclaimed granite bridge blocks were split and shaped to create the quoins and voussoirs. The dropped, diamond keystone was split and shaped from a Diabase boulder.

(Above) Additional view of the freestanding wall with arched doorway

To learn more about Fran and Morning Dew Stone, click  HERE.