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Derbyshire Memories: How I got certified as a Level 2 Waller


Many thanks to Stone Trust instructor Judy Rand, one of five Level 2 Intermediate women wallers in North America, for sharing her photos and memories of how she got certified in Derbyshire. Judy’s going on this trip!

In July, 2017, I leave for England to practice and test for Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) Level 2 Intermediate Certification in dry stone walling. After weeks of planning and communicating with the Derbyshire ECO Centre, Sally Hodgson and Trevor Wragg, (both Master wallers, instructors and examiners) I set off for England.

For two weeks I practice stripping out and rebuilding cheek ends, with Trevor as my mentor. He has an eagle eye for walling and a tough but encouraging way of mentoring.  He is generous with his time and knowledge.  I learn to love his sense of humor.  In fact, everyone I meet is helpful, kind and quick to laugh.

Trevor Wragg and Judy Rand at a Cheek End

There is a little time to explore the area.  I find it easier to take a bus to surrounding villages than drive on the wrong side of those narrow roads!  The landscape is beautiful, especially the drive to and from the Manchester airport—winding roads, rolling hills, and lots stone walls.


Some of you tell us you’re eager to go on this walling trip to the old country. We’re figuring out how to make it easier for you to commit. Next steps for you:

1) Check out the itinerary here. It includes time to see the countryside!

2) Contact us to let us know you’re interested:

3) Call us with questions: 802-952-8600.

4) Place a deposit. We have divided the tuition into four equal payments, the first due upon registration. Subsequent payments are due on June 1, August 1, and September 1.

Martin and Judy hope you can join them! So far the group includes four wallers. Space for six more!

Derbyshire American Training Program


Founders of the Stone Trust started by going to the U.K. to get certified as dry stone wallers. Maybe you’d like to do that, too! Travel with Martin Beevers to the beautiful Peak District National Park. Spend two weeks learning the techniques and traditions of dry stone walling from Master Craftsmen Trevor Wragg and Sally Hodgson. Return home with your Level 1 Initial Waller or Level 2 Professional Waller Certification from the Dry Stone Walling Association! Watch If Walls Could Talk. Please register here.