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March Waller of the Month: Dario Coletta

DARIO COLETTA (Massachusetts) has spent the last 10 years or so designing and building in dry stone in the western part of the state. He holds Level II DSWA-GB Certification. Dario writes: “The Stone Trust has really been the key for my continuing improvement and dedication to the fine art of stonework. Every visit to the Trust, whether taking a workshop, testing, instructing, or volunteering, inspires me to improve my craft.”

FEATURED IMAGE above: This staircase and cairn sit below the table level and lead to the driveway. This portion of the project used a combination of palletized brownstone, Sugarledge stone, and excavated cobbles.

Photo (right): This stone “table,” sourced on the property, was placed below the patio.

To learn more about Dario and his company, D.C Stoneworks, LLC, click  HERE.