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March Waller of the Month: Ehren Woyt & Connor Esons

EHREN WOYT & CONNOR ESONS (California) — Ehren was born and raised in Big Sur, California, while Connor grew up in Rhode Island. Ehren, a surfer at heart, and property caretaker turned his focus to stone fifteen years ago upon realizing it was his calling. The two became friends eighteen years ago when Connor relocated to California. Ehren comments, “I have been lucky to have found a comrade in Connor because he shares my passion for the craft of drystone walling and the pursuit of it, a very rare thing here on the west coast indeed!”
Solid Stoneworks

FEATURED IMAGE:  Two rebuilt retaining walls using stone collected from the property. The step treads and bench are Sydney Peak stone and the step well corners are locally quarried stone called Monte Cristo. The lower wall is 100 feet long and 4 feet high. It is 32 inches wide at the base. The upper is 80 feet long, 42 inches high and 30 inches wide at the base.

PHOTO BELOW:  Detail shot of the bench. The copes were set with local stone and left unshaped and wild. These are the first walls in Big Sur finished with cope stones