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Massive Attendance at May 2015 Events

Our annual May 2 day workshop and test day grew dramatically this year.  Nearly 30 wallers came from as far away as North Carolina  to attend the workshop.  This is almost double our typical attendance.  The workshop participants completed much of the Masters Features Park, including the squeeze style, 20-degree wall, much of the high-wall, and several sections of additional free standing wall.

With test applications surging in we added a 2nd test day and had 26 wallers attempt or pass dry stone wall certification at Levels I, II, and III.  This was a more than 50% increase over the previous year, and attracted wallers from Canada, North Caroline and California to name a few.   Congratulations to all those who passed their tests.

Following the test days we held the instructor certification course and certified an additional 9 dry stone walling instructors.