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May Waller of the Month: Jerry Coggin

JERRY COGGIN (Pennsylvania) — Jerry has been working in the craft of drystone for about 10 years. My wife Kim’s passion for the craft was the initial influence to get me started. However, as a friend in New Hampshire so aptly states, “it is a slippery slope” and once you get started it can be quite addictive due to sense of accomplishment, and the sheer majesty of the finished product.

FEATURED IMAGE: These Part A test feature walls are located at the Laurel Stoneworks training facility in South Fork, PA. They are built from a variety of sandstone sourced from several places in Pennsylvania. The stones come from multiple geologic formations so they exhibit quite an array of colors and hardness characteristics. Each feature is approximately 6 square meters in size, and together they took about 14 total weeks to build. Look closely and you can discern the coping is slightly different on the curve versus the lunky.

PHOTO BELOW:  View of the Part A curved wall