Benjamin Sandri

Lunkie and wall built by Benjamin Sandri
Lunkie and wall built by Benjamin Sandri

Contact Information

Certified Waller Name: Benjamin Sandri
Company Name: Sandri Stone
Address: South Deerfield, MA

Business Information

Business Description: 
I work either on small projects or as a subcontractor for other builders. Whether chiseling finely detailed features or putting together eighty square feet of farm wall in a day, I build structurally sound work that will last. I specialize in smaller projects, repairs, as well as features that incorporate unique negative space.

Typical Project Size: 
$500 – $20,000


  • Retaining Walls
  • Freestanding Walls
  • Arches
  • Pillars
  • Stone Cutting
  • Stone Shaping

Typical Service Area

Within 45 minutes of South Deerfield

Will You Travel Further

Yes, for interesting projects.

Images of Dry Stone Work by Benjamin Sandri

Places Within Primary Work Area:


Franklin, Hampshire, Hampden


Western Massachusetts, Southern Vermont, Southern New Hampshire