Clark O’Bryan

Stonework by Clark O'Bryan
Image by Clark O'Bryan

Contact Information

Certified Waller Name: Clark O’Bryan
DSWA-GB Level: Level 1, Initial
Business Name:
Location: Warren, VT
Phone: (802) 989-9608
Email: Click here to contact by email
Website: Clark O’Bryan

Business Information

Business Description:  
Clark O’Bryan is an interdisciplinary designer and craftsmen passionate about the role of traditional building crafts in renewing our connection to place and home. He is based in the Mad River Valley and services, generally, small-scale project work where the challenges of site, cost and available material require thoughtful design and an efficient use of resources. He is a student at Middlebury College in the architecture and biology departments and an aspiring tradesmen of many sorts, an architect with his feet on the ground.

Business Tagline:
Craftsmanship, passion and skill set in stone

Typical Project Size:   $100 – $1,000


  • Retaining Walls
  • Fencing
  • Sitting Walls
  • Small Outdoor Decks
  • Patios
  • Entry Stairways
  • Traditional Outdoor Features
  • Fine Carpentry

Typical Work Area: Central Vermont

Would you travel further? For larger projects, I will travel

Images of Dry Stone Projects by Clark O’Bryan

Places Within Primary Work Area:


Waitsfield, Warren, Stowe, Northfield, Roxbury


Addison, Chittenden, Washington