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The Stone Trust PA’s First Mini-Medley Weekend

Medley Weekends–Many people, professionals and enthusiasts alike, have asked us to cluster skill-building workshops so they can learn a lot in one trip. Start with an Introduction to Dry Stone Walling, then move on to Stone Shaping, Retaining Walls, Flagging, and/or Steps & Stairs.

The Stone Trust, Pennsylvania hosted a mini-medley weekend of sorts with the Women’s Intro on Friday, and Women’s Stone Shaping and Retaining Wall workshops on Saturday. At all but the Retaining Wall workshop, women wallers, for the most part with minimal experience, explored the traditional craft of dry stone walling. The Retaining Wall workshop was co-ed.

You arrived for the most part from the Mid-Atlantic, though one of you traveled all the way from California! Glad to hear that it was worth the trip!

It is so exciting to hear that you had fun and felt like you learned what you came for. A few of you mentioned the benefits of having small, intimate classes where the instructors can give you more personal feedback and instruction. We are so glad you could have that positive experience.

Moving forward, some of you expressed interest in learning more about cheek ends and stairs. Luckily, the Stone Trust, PA hosts many cheek rebuild workshops and will have a medley weekend in October with steps and stairs in addition to other workshops. The Stone Trust also hosts workshops at six other sites. You can find the 2023 training schedule here.

We look forward to seeing where you’re headed with dry stone!

Thank you to Kim and Jerry Coggin for managing multiple workshops with such skill. You made the classes fun and informative for participants with personal attention given to everyone.