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Monastery Project – Fairfield, PA – Update #2

The Stone Trust’s work has continued in Fairfield PA at the Carmel of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.  Last week we had Lime Mortar Training by Chris Hertz of  give a great workshop about how to use Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) Mortar.  He covered the lime cycle and how different types of mortars are created.  While the hands on work faced a few limitations due to site challenges, it was a great workshop, and we highly recommend Limeworks as a source for training on NHL mortar.

Wednesday July 11 brought the DSWA-GB Certification Testing to Fairfield PA.  The test day resulted in 12 newly certified Level 1 candidates.   While a few people struggled and Level II once again proved it’s difficulty, it was overall a great test day.  It was great to see how far many of the participants had come in just one week.  2 people also practice tested and did very well, ready for the next test day.  Brian Post and Michael Weitzner were the examiners.

Thursday and Friday brought a slight lull in the action as the building foundation got laid out and special batter frames were assembled.  Stone started to be sorted on a mass scale, with the focus of finding through stones and simply separating dirt from the stone piles.  Construction on the foundation walls is expected to begin in earnest next week.