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Latest Episodes from Nature Revisited: The Podcast

Nature Revisited, the podcast logo
Nature Revisited, the podcast logo

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Episode 47: The Stone Trust.

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Our friend Stefan van Norden discovers compelling stories about people connecting themselves and others to the natural world in which we live. Over the course of the past two years, he has interviewed a remarkable collection of luminaries across a range of human endeavor. Stefan’s guests reflect deeply on topics ranging from the famous gardens of Monticello and Brandywine to portraying nature in paint from the confines of a prison cell. From fly fishing to homesteading to the Appalachian Trail to poetry and philosophy in nature, you can hear thought-provoking conversations from people viewing life on Earth through focused and sometimes unexpected lenses. Each reminds us that we are part of nature.

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Episode 80: Ben Rawlence – The Treeline

Ben Rawlence is a British writer based in the Black Mountains of Wales where he is the founding director of Black Mountains College, an institution devoted to creative and adaptive thinking in the face of the climate and ecological emergency. His latest book The Treeline: the last forest and the future of life on earth explores the shifting frontier of the boreal forest and the mysterious workings of the forest upon which we rely for the air we breathe. In this episode of Nature Revisited, Ben talks about the boreal forest – which contains about one third of the the earth’s trees – and the myriad repercussions its northern expansion is having on a local and global scale.

Episode 81: Kristen Miskelly – Meadow Maker

Kristen Miskelly is a trained biologist with a passion for nature, a love of native plants, and an aspiration to facilitate local ecosystem restoration work. In 2013 she and her husband James opened what is now Satinflower Nurseries in Victoria, British Columbia. Satinflower Nurseries aims to inspire and empower people to restore and conserve nature by providing native plants, seeds, and expertise, and specializes in the restoration and ecology of Garry oak ecosystems and meadowscaping. In this episode of Nature Revisited, Kristen talks about her background in nature and biology, the evolution of her nursery business, and why acting locally to promote the propagation of native species is so beneficial to migratory pollinators and the overall ecosystem.

Episode 82: Missouri Prairie Foundation – Saving Our Prairies

For over 55 years, the Missouri Prairie Foundation has been conserving Missouri’s prairies and other native grasslands – some of the most imperiled habitats on the planet. In this episode of Nature Revisited, we join Executive Director Carol Davit, as well as Bruce Shuette, VP of Science and Management, who talk about the prairie’s natural and human-influenced history, its vital role in the health of the planet, and the Foundation’s mission to protect and conserve some of the most biologically rich habitat on earth.