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New Board Members Connect Us Across the Country

Everything the Stone Trust shares with you comes through the combined efforts of our staff and our board. Board members engage as volunteers who bring considerable experience of walling, business development, financial management, professional development, historic preservation, and other skills that help accomplish the mission of preserving and advancing the art and craft of dry stone walling.

In January, the Stone Trust welcomed five new board members. Martin Beevers, Hilary Dees, Bryce Hollingsworth, Karen Jarret, and Jim Wood graciously accepted invitations to add their expertise and contribute their wisdom to Stone Trust governance.  Together they bring extensive experience of dry stone walling, trail building, engineering, and historic preservation. They connect the Stone Trust into communities in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Vermont. We look forward to sharing profiles with you like those of continuing board members that you can find through links below:

2022 Returning Board Members

Daniel Peterson, President

Dan Morales-Walsh, Vice-President

Paul Peterson, Secretary

Edward Marrinan, Treasurer

David Brown

Duncan Murphy

Amy-Louise Pfeffer, Executive Director

Pete Ryder, Immediate Past President