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New Project Photos

Mike Santini, a Level 1 DSWA Certified waller recently sent us these photos as he was signing up for his Level 2 Test in May.  The project includes his first arch.

Mike says: “[The stone] Did take a bit of shaping, most if that stone is from the southern tier of New York, a good bit of sandstone so rather easy to shape. The corner stones at the steps are reclaimed Medina sandstone road curbs. That stone is unique to our region, they took quite a bit of work especially because I’m a bit opposed to using power tools! Well worth it though, the project was an old building which has Medina window sills so I was excited to use stone that was from that era. There is no longer quarrying of Medina so to me that just makes it that much more interesting… thought you might get a kick out of the water bottle sporting The Stone Trust sticker. Also another example of the Medina corners, those are from phase 1 of the project.”

Looks like a fun and well executed project from those photos!