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Newly Scheduled 2-Day Intro and Cheek Ends Workshops

We’ve gotten a number of requests to join this weekend’s 2-Day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling and Cheek End Rebuild workshops in Mont Vernon, NH. Unfortunately, space did not open for people on our wait list. It’s frustrating for everyone as we operate at half capacity to meet the exigencies of social distance.

Fortunately, Pete Ryder has offered to host both workshops on August 28 & 29 at Broadview Farm in Mont Vernon, NH. He and Judy Rand will teach together. We’re in the process of scheduling a third instructor.

People often wonder, “Should I take the 1-Day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling?” Reading the post may help you decided. Please be aware that some of the dates have changed. You can register for upcoming courses here.

After whetting their appetites for building with stone, people also wonder what comes next. As wallers say, every wall comes to an end, a cheek end! Why not apply what you’ve learned in an intro workshop while learning to build a wall end? For other options, why not peruse our Curriculum in Dry Stone?

Anyone testing for a Level 2 test in September or the coming year will want to be sure to have good instruction and plenty of practice building cheek ends. The cheek end is marked higher than any other category on that test. 2020 opportunities to practice: