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Northeast Granite, Inc.

Steps at the Northeast Granite quarry in Allenstown NH
Steps at the Northeast Granite quarry in Allenstown NH

Contact Information

Company Name: Northeast Granite, Inc.
Address: 169 Granite Street, Allenstown NH 03275
Phone: (603) 496-4496

Business Information

About our products: 
Weathered, diamond gray granite products from a historic NH quarry.

Quarry History:
Our quarry in Allenstown NH was originally founded in 1871 by a local farmer and entrepreneur, Charles A. Bailey. The quarry produced granite curb and paving blocks as well as crushed stone. Around 1891 a short rail line was constructed to carry material down from the quarry to the nearby Suncook Valley branch line. Active production stopped at some point in the 1930s leaving tons of rough cut and partly finished stone in piles.

Having laid dormant for decades, the quarry has recently been revived by Northeast Granite. There is a treasure trove of weathered, diamond grey granite that is ideal for a variety of landscaping and building projects. Our products are not perfectly uniform and standardized. Pieces vary in size, some are weathered while some are gleaming having sat in a pond for years.

We offer veneer stone and wall stone as well as larger dimensional and specialty pieces. We recently installed a wire saw on site and have started producing pavers. These are live edge patio pavers of varying shapes and size from 2’ x 2’ to 4’ x 6’ all 2 to 3 inch depth and a thermal finish. We focus on serving stone masons, landscape architects, landscape and building contractors across New England and further afield. We can fulfill orders, big or small, whether it is on an ongoing basis or for one-off projects.

Typical Range of Job Size
$500 – $50,000


We offer a variety of products (veneer, wall, dimensional and specialty stone as well as patio pavers) for any masonry, landscaping or building project from a treasure trove of stunning granite from our revival of the historic C.A. Bailey quarry in Allenstown NH.

Typical Service Area

Lakes Region, southern NH
NH Seacoast

Will You Travel Further

Many customers bring their own trucks or trailers to our quarry, where we have loading equipment on hand. We can also arrange nationwide delivery to your jobsite – we have dispatched our stone all over New England, New York, and further afield including Puget Sound.

Places Within Primary Work Area:

Please get in touch to discuss options with us.


Boston MA, Portsmouth NH, York ME


Grafton, Rockingham, Belknap, Hillsborough, Merrimack, Strafford


New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New York