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November Waller of the Month: Jamie Masefield

JAMIE MASEFIELD (Vermont) is the owner of Masefield Dry Stone Masonry. “Dry stone masonry never seems to feel repetitious because every project is so different from the last one; the stone, the location, the clients, the needs of the site. Every project is another chance to get better. The international and historic nature of the craft provides an endless stream of inspiration.” He is DSWA-GB Level III certified and enjoys instructing at The Stone Trust.

FEATURED IMAGE (above): Being a 5th generation on the property, the owner of Hill Farmstead Brewery (Greensboro VT) wanted to enhance the sense of place, craft and tradition on site. This 125 ft long retaining wall that is 7 ft tall in spots delineates the parking lot from the festival grounds. It’s built with a local stone called phyllite from Frank Mitchel Quarry.

To learn more about Jamie Masefield and Masefield Dry Stone Masons, click  HERE.

Photo Below: View of wall from the parking lot.