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November Waller of the Month: Brian Fairfield

Brian Fairfield : (Maine) says “I’ve been working with stone for the better part of two decades now, and the one thing that I keep learning about myself is that there’s lots of learning to do. I almost always work alone, but when I do get the opportunity to work with more highly skilled individuals, I’ll gladly make the trek to soak up knowledge. My goal is always to build the highest level of quality possible. Always do the next job at least a little better than the last job”. Brian is a DSWA-GB Advanced Certified waller and a Certified Instructor.

FEATURED IMAGE (above): A wall built to block wind from a residence’s patio. Featuring granite end blocks and foundation, paired with level bedded building stone and traditional vertical coping.

PHOTO BELOW: A rebuild of a 30 year old wall that was collapsing. Includes special stones to frame the entrance as well as an inset portion to provide clearance around the fire hydrant. Copes and loose coursing add to the traditional appearance.