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NY-NJ Trail Conferance Workshop Success!

The 2nd workshop a the New York – New Jersey Trail Conference was a great success.  With 7 workshop participants on Friday getting ready for the build, and 10 over the weekend, the wall was finished by 3pm on Sunday.  Lead by certified Master Craftsman and Instructor Brian Post, Friday’s participants learned about the value of sorting stone, and several ways of building and setting up batter frames.  Over the weekend participants did a great job on a difficult section that was curved, on sloped ground, and had nearby obstacles too.  The finished wall helps form a great entrance to the historic site with is now the head quarters of the NY-NJ Trail Conference.

Special thanks to Kevin Simpson and Ama Keonigshof of the Trail Conferance for making this workshop happen and to Judy Rand was a fantastic volunteer throughout this event, and took pictures below.

Workshop Group with Finished Wall
Time lapse video of the 3 days of workshops