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Waller of the month: TJ Mora

TJ MORA (Vermont) is owner of Mora Stone in South Londonderry, VT. He is a Professional Member of the DSWA-GB and has achieved his Level 2 DSWA certification. TJ specializes in hand-built stone features using traditional dry construction methods including moving large stones without heavy machinery. He even still uses some of his grandfather’s tools.

Featured image above is a multi-year restoration project at the Holden Farm in Weston, VT, assisted by waller Seth Harris in Weston, VT. Foreground wall was restored in 2016 while the background wall was done in 2017. All stone needed to restore the walls was harvested from the property. Sections were stripped out 10 to 15 feet at a time.

Photo below: Barre granite mother stones with Judd & Sons Goshen stone set vertical. Wedge wall for roadside strength. Certified waller Jared Flynn assisted. Weston, VT.

To learn more about TJ and his company, Mora Stone, click  HERE.