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October Wallers of the Month: SETH HARRIS and PATRICK LEMMON

SETH HARRIS (Vermont) and PATRICK LEMMON (South Carolina) — have been collaborating together since 2018. Specializing in traditional, mass-wall stone and brick houses, they are partnering to revive the construction of holistic structural masonry homes in northern New England. Seth has a DSWA level 3 certificate and Patrick has a DSWA level 2 certificate.  Foxchair Mountain Craftsmen ( &

FEATURED IMAGES: This is a retaining wall and set of steps, made from granite quarried in Elberton, Georgia. The material was intended for veneer, so it has sawn edges, and originally was six or seven feet long before being busted down to size. The wall has protruding cap stones and is built on a protruding scarcement that is entirely made of throughstones. Built by Seth Harris, Patrick Lemmon, and the Orthodox Masonry crew in Atlanta, GA.

IMAGE BELOW: rebuilt road side wall in Rockingham Vermont. Built in the Galloway style with the bottom half of the wall using smaller stone and the top half using larger stone that had the length to span the entire width of the wall.