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Thanks for spending two beautiful days building walls with other women! October 22-23, 2021–New Hampshire

Thanks for making the trip to the first Women’s 2-Day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling and 2-Day Cheek Rebuild! You arrived to spend two glorious fall days outdoors with women you mostly had never met, taught by two of the first women in North America to achieve the level of certification that entitles a waller to become certified to teach.

Some of you came with little to no experience, but gardens that throw stones up or property walls to restore or inspired by a book you had read. Several of you came with extensive experience, from previous workshops to trail building to extensive landscape installation. A couple of you are already professional or considering becoming professional in your own right.

In general, you reported learning what you came for and enjoying the experience and. Thank you for the time you took to share your thoughts. We take feedback seriously and do our best to improve based on what we hear.
Thanks to Kim Coggin and Judy Rand and Victoria Merriman for traveling to share your extensive knowledge and experience. Thanks to everyone for carrying on the craft of dry stone walling!