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The Stone Trust PA Barn Comes in Handy at September Workshop

Since the barn was built at the Stone Trust PA, it has been put to great use to protect instructors and participants from the elements. Back in the winter, an indoor facility and a wood stove kept everyone warm while they learned about dry stone walling. At the most recent Pennsylvania workshop, the weather was rainy, windy, and a bit chilly. Because of the barn, participants could learn and build without worrying about the weather outside.

Four wallers came to the 2-Day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling. Two others arrived for the Cheek Rebuild Workshop. With these lower numbers, everyone was able to get personalized attention from instructors and site champions, Kim and Jerry Coggin. They were even able to give hands-on demonstrations and put their years of experience to good use.

A few of you taking the intro workshop brought trail building experience, which is a really great background to bring when learning about dry stone walls. Several Stone Trust instructors earn their living as trail builders, demonstrating that these skills can be put to use in your day-to-day life. As for the cheek rebuild wallers, both of you were returning to build on what you learned in the intro course. As we say, every wall has to come to an end. Now you know how to build a vertical wall end.

Thanks to all of you for engaging in the art and craft of dry stone walling. With the knowledge that you glean you help preserve and advance the tradition.

Thank you to Kim and Jerry Coggin for your time and effort in prepping and teaching these workshops, as well as personalizing your teaching to each waller that passes through.