Feature Build at Scott Farm

Arch Bridge Workshop

Arch by Torben Larsen

Women's Dry Stone Walling Workshop

Stone Steps by Michael Weitzner

Instructor Certification Course 2018

Stonework by TJ Mora

Stone Arch Bridge Tour, Southern NH

Small Stone Arch Workshop

Stonework by David Fielder

Intro to Dry Stone Walling Workshop

Stonework by Brian Post

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Feel free to visit the Stone Wall Park any time during daylight hours. You may also want to download a map of nearby dry stone features built by local wallers. Check out the Scott Farm, site of The Stone Trust Center.

Welcome to The Stone Trust

Established in southern Vermont in 2010, The Stone Trust’s mission is to preserve and advance the art and craft of dry stone walling. We do this through an expanding program of educational events and outreach projects. The Stone Trust is a multifaceted resource engaged in preserving the natural use of plentiful stone in simple, gratifying ways.

The Stone Trust Center is the only facility in North America that provides year round educational and DSWA certification opportunities for all levels and abilities. The Stone Trust is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. It relies on contributions from people like you to keep its programs going. Help us continue to preserve and advance the art and craft of Dry Stone Walling!

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From the Blog

    For Your Convenience, Packs & Sets
    Posted May 13, 2021

    If you’re new to walling and wondering what information resources and tools would be the most useful, the Beginner’s Walling Pack from our online store might be just the thing. Basic and affordable, it has the essentials to get you started.

    Sam Brakeley - May 2021 Waller of the Month
    May Waller of the Month: Sam Brakeley
    Posted May 13, 2021

    SAM BRAKELEY (Vermont) is the owner of Hermit Woods Trailbuilders, and has been building stone walls around Vermont and New Hampshire for almost ten years. Sam writes: “In addition to the art and craft of dry stone walling, I love the physical nature of the pursuit. To come home at the end of the day with tired hands and sore muscles…I know I’ve built something. I get a good night’s rest every time!” He is DSWA-GB Level 2 and also instructs at The Stone Trust.

    Master Class: Building for Success, Part 1
    Master Class: Building For Success, Part 2
    Posted May 13, 2021
    Sketches and Text by Brian Post Building with Correct Line and Batter Line refers to the horizontal straightness of the wall. Batter refers to the angle of the faces of the wall from vertical. Many level 2 testers struggle immensely with getting the line and batter correct while working under the time pressure of the [...]
    Spring Test Day at the Stone Trust Center
    Posted May 12, 2021

    For the Stone Trust, May brings Spring Certification Test Day. On May 17, eleven people will gather at the Stone Trust Center in Dummerston, Vermont to test their walling skills. Five of these men and women will spend seven hours stripping out and rebuilding 27 square feet of a double-face freestanding wall. They will achieve […]

    May Day Brings Novices and Experienced Wallers to New Hampshire Workshops
    Posted May 11, 2021
    Workshop day dawned chill and windy. Seventeen people, fourteen participants and three teachers gathered around two double-face freestanding dry stone walls. Each person may have felt eager to feel the warmth that comes from a working body. But you have to know what you’re doing before you start working. How are these walls built? Why [...]
    Thanks for inaugurating Stone Trust workshops in Tennessee!
    Posted May 11, 2021

    We so appreciate the time you took to travel to Kingston Springs to participate in the very first Stone Trust dry stone walling workshop in the southeastern United States. Thank you! You helped establish the foundation for a growing annual schedule of workshops from our Curriculum in Dry Stone. Several of you asked us to […]

    Inaugural Stone Trust workshop in Tennessee!
    Posted May 11, 2021
    We had a great turnout for the first Stone Trust workshop in Nashville. Participants came from Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee and Michigan. A 50/50 male/female split of beginners with little or no experience. This was a two-day introduction to dry stone walling covering all the basic techniques required to construct a section of freestanding wall. [...]
    3-Day Feature Build Workshop: May 14 – 16
    Posted May 6, 2021
    In this 3-day workshop, you can build an arch, a square or round corner, or a squeeze stile, features relatively common in modern landscaping. You'll also find them in the Dry Stone Walling Association Master Craftsman test. We’ll introduce you to the theory and techniques for all the features being built. You can use the [...]
    Master Class: Building for Success, Part 1
    Master Class: Building For Success, Part 1
    Posted April 30, 2021
    Sketches and Text by Brian Post Leaping the Level 2 Hurdle The level 2 (intermediate) DSWA-GB certification test has proven to be quite difficult for many wallers who have passed level 1 (initial) certification. Level 2 aims to challenge your ability to make good choices, plan ahead, and build with correct line and batter. In [...]
    Scholarships Awarded!
    Posted April 30, 2021

    Congratulations to Trevor Bickford, Whitney Brown, Melanie Kessler, Jonathan (Jonny) Mangini, and Kim Myers!  Our selection committee awarded scholarships to these wallers, each of whom met a very tight deadline to apply for the 2021 Stone Trust Entry-Level Professional Pathway Scholarship. A decision is pending for a sixth applicant, from whom we sought additional information. […]

Upcoming Events

  • 3.10 Steps & Stairs Workshop (7-11-2021)
    July 11, 2021
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
    - 1-day workshop attendance

This workshop is all about building dry stone steps. You will learn tips and techniques to build several types of stone steps. Layout, design, stone shaping, tool use, and methods for handling large stones will all be part of this workshop.

  • 2.20 Retaining wall workshop (7-12-2021)
    July 12, 2021
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
    - 1-day workshop attendance

Participants will learn how to maximize strength for a retaining wall while following the basic rules. Foundations, drainage, perforated pipe, filter fabric, geo-textiles and more are all discussed or demonstrated. This workshop is intended to give you the information to make wise decisions on your own projects. It is well suited for both homeowners and contractors. PREREQUISITE:  any 1.00 level course, or 2.10, or 2.13

  • 3.10 Steps & Stairs Workshop (7-12-2021)
    July 12, 2021
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
    - 1-day workshop attendance

This workshop is all about building dry stone steps. You will learn tips and techniques to build several types of stone steps. Layout, design, stone shaping, tool use, and methods for handling large stones will all be part of this workshop.

  • 2.50 Intro to Stone Shaping (7-17-2021) Minneapolis, MN
    July 17, 2021
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
    - 1-Day workshop

This workshop will spend the day learning about how to shape stones for use in dry stone walls. Participants will be introduced to a variety of stone types, and how to work with them. Both hand and power tools will be demonstrated and used. The stone shaping portion will focus on efficient practices, learning how to look at a stone and judge how to shape it, as well as proper use and care of tools. PREREQUISITE: Open to those who have taken at least one Level 1 workshop
(or are experienced wallers).

  • 2.70 Walling Day (7-18-2021) Minneapolis, MN
    July 18, 2021
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Come join some skilled DSWA-GB wallers and Certified Master Craftsmen, building a new section of wall at The Stone Trust Center on Scott Farm. Irish and Scottish styles will be the focus of 2020’s Walling Day. This is a great time to work on practicing your walling, learning some new styles and networking with fellow wallers. PREREQUISITE: Level 1 or higher DSWA-GB Certification required to attend. Pro member attend free, basic members just $20.

  • 2.40 Cheek End Workshop (Outdoor) - August 6 & 7 (Mont Vernon, NH)
    August 6, 2021 - August 7, 2021
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Whenever your building a wall, sooner or later it must come to an end. A cheek end is the typical way to end a wall. It is also called a wall end, wall head, or square end. Cheek ends are a particular challenge to build well and structurally are the most vulnerable part of a wall, so it is important to get it right.