Feature Build at Scott Farm

Arch Bridge Workshop

Arch by Torben Larsen

Women's Dry Stone Walling Workshop

Stone Steps by Michael Weitzner

Instructor Certification Course 2018

Stonework by TJ Mora

Stone Arch Bridge Tour, Southern NH

Small Stone Arch Workshop

Stonework by David Fielder

Intro to Dry Stone Walling Workshop

Stonework by Brian Post

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Established in southern Vermont in 2010, The Stone Trust’s mission is to preserve and advance the art and craft of dry stone walling. We do this through an expanding program of educational events and outreach projects. The Stone Trust is a multifaceted resource engaged in preserving the natural use of plentiful stone in simple, gratifying ways.

The Stone Trust Center is the only facility in North America that provides year round educational and DSWA certification opportunities for all levels and abilities. The Stone Trust is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. It relies on contributions from people like you to keep its programs going. Help us continue to preserve and advance the art and craft of Dry Stone Walling!

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From the Blog

    Ten Newly Certified Instructors Join Our Instructor Pool
    Posted February 13, 2020
    Early in February, 17 Professional Members traveled from as far afield as Montana, Tennessee, and South Carolina and as close as New York State, Rhode Island, and Maine to participate in our 2020 Instructors Certification course. All participants had already accomplished Level 2 Professional Waller certification. Ten of the group arrived eager to add the [...]
    WRCC Stone Trust Dry Stone Walling Spring 2020
    Posted February 13, 2020
    The Windham Regional Career Center and the Stone Trust are partnering to make sure that Windham County cultivates and trains the best dry stone wallers on the continent. The jointly sponsored WRCC Stone Trust Dry Stone Walling Spring 2020 begins March 3 and runs through May 16. Former TST board president Peter Welch describes the course [...]
    The Scott Farm viewed from road
    Scott Farm Seeks Business Manager
    Posted February 6, 2020

    The Scott Farm, a Certified B Corporation located in Dummerston, Vermont, seeks a full-time Business Manager. The farm includes 571 acres, many historic buildings, a 40-acre heirloom apple orchard, a thriving on-farm market, indoor and outdoor event spaces, hiking trails, and a variety of natural resources. Our team seeks someone with the skills to manage […]

    Meet Duncan Murphy, Board Member
    Posted January 28, 2020

    January 2020 brought 6 new board members to The Stone Trust, bringing the board to a nearly full complement–12 out of 13 allowed by our articles. We hope you’ll enjoy meeting a board member each month. Each brings invaluable knowledge, expertise, commitment, and camaraderie to the work of preserving and advancing the art and craft […]

    2020 Workshops and Early Bird Pricing
    Posted January 28, 2020

    This year The Stone Trust offers 36 regular workshop offerings across our Curriculum in Dry Stone. We’re also offering Early Bird registration at 2019 prices to people who register 6 weeks in advance. Check course listings. Take one of our three versions of Introduction to Dry Stone, the prerequisite course for our advanced offerings. We […]

    Japanese Garden Arts in Portland, Oregon
    Posted January 28, 2020

    The Stone Trust collaborates with like-minded organizations like the International Japanese Garden Training Center in Portland, OR. Both organizations focus on teaching traditional skills and techniques as a means of preserving  craft, an art form, heritage and history. Each offers instruction to both the general public and the professional. Spring courses include With an Eye Towards […]

    Masterclass: Problems and Planning, Part 4
    Posted January 17, 2020

    In part one (Stonechat 26: Summer 2012) I suggested that “poor grading can become what is in effect a self-fuelled inevitability” . This was developed in part 2 when we looked at the tendency to place large stones alongside and on top of each other leading to grouping. This however does not just apply to large stone. If we are not careful similar size stones can tend to flock together – both along and up. Small stones can lead to a ‘mushrooming’, especially if we are concentrating on sitting one on two and half on half and levelling ready for the next stone.

    January Waller of the Month: Andrew Pighills
    Posted January 17, 2020

    ANDREW PIGHILLS (Connecticut) was born in Yorkshire, England. His formal horticulture training started at The Royal Horticultural Society at Harlow Carr Gardens in Harrogate Yorkshire, and has spent several decades creating gardens and building dry stone walls in his native England, in and around the spectacular Yorkshire Dales and the English Lake District.

    Stringlines: Thoughts from Pete Ryder, Board President
    Posted January 15, 2020

    There are as many ways to build great stone walls as there are colors in the rainbow. From lacy singles in the Aran Islands to squat bulky consumption walls in New England. Loosely stacked round glacial outwash to the incredible joinery of the Incas. Two-tiered Galloway walls to the fascinating geometric patterns of Majorcan walls…. […]

    The Stone Trust partners with the Windham Regional Career Center to train wallers
    Posted January 13, 2020
    It's pretty clear from our professional members  that wallers love the work and that there's lots of work out there. It's also part of our mission to build a professional pipeline. So we couldn't pass up the chance to connect The Stone Trust expertise to local high school students, incumbent workers, and professional contractors through [...]

Upcoming Events

  • 1.10 Introductory Indoor Workshop (9-12-2020)
    September 12, 2020
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

This workshop is an excellent introduction to dry stone walling for the homeowner, hobbyist, or anyone interested in Dry Stone Walls Over the course of the day each participant will build about 25 sq. ft. of wall…

  • 2.20 Retaining wall workshop (9-13-2020)
    September 13, 2020
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
    - 1-day workshop attendance

Participants will learn how to maximize strength for a retaining wall while following the basic rules. Foundations, drainage, perforated pipe, filter fabric, geo-textiles and more are all discussed or demonstrated. This workshop is intended to give you the information to make wise decisions on your own projects. It is well suited for both homeowners and contractors. PREREQUISITE:  any 1.00 level course, or 2.10, or 2.13

  • 3.20 Flagging Workshop (9/18/20) Stoneyard
    September 18, 2020
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
    - 1 day workshop at Stoneyard, Littleton, MA

Want to learn how to build patios and walkways with natural stone, or improve your methods, efficiency and speed? Then this is the workshop for you!
Learn the fundamentals of patio construction in a fun, energetic, hands-on environment. Flat-work is a common part of many projects. Doing a good job starts with a good foundation, and finishes with an attractive pattern of stone. This workshop will teach you how to do flat-work that has tight joints, and stays flat, safe, and attractive for decades.

  • Fall Certification Test: Friday (9/25/2020) Dummerston
    September 25, 2020
    8:15 am - 6:30 pm
    - 1 Day attendance

Testing Levels Initial, Intermediate and Advanced (Part B). Friday, May 3, 2019. NOTE: You must hold the previous level certification to sign up for any test above level 1. THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE has been exended till, August 14th! NO LATE REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

  • 1.10 Introductory Indoor Workshop (10-17-2020)
    October 17, 2020
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

This workshop is an excellent introduction to dry stone walling for the homeowner, hobbyist, or anyone interested in Dry Stone Walls Over the course of the day each participant will build about 25 sq. ft. of wall…

  • 1.11 Women's Introductory Indoor Workshop 10/18/2020 Dummerston VT
    October 18, 2020
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
    - 1-day workshop attendance

A chance to learn from the women in North America who are DSWA Certifed Instructors! This workshop is an excellent introduction to dry stone walling for the homeowner, landscaper/gardener, artist, or hobbyist. Over the course of the day each participant will build about 25 sq ft of wall (one side), using natural round fieldstone. You will learn all the basic rules of structural walling that can be applied to any type of stone and project.