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Participant Submission from Benjamin Sandri

Above is a practice arch/gate built by Ben. The hole is about four feet in diameter.

“I had already built stone walls for 18 years when I took a one-day introductory course with The Stone Trust. That course completely changed how I build walls–they are stronger, look better, and go up way faster. Two years later, depending on the type of stone, I now build 3-5 times faster than before. There was no magic to the class, just a set of systems and guidelines that I have been learning to apply ever since. I think that is the best part about my experience–I am still learning and further developing my own system based off of that class, whereas before I was improvising with every single stone. I cannot recommend The Stone Trust highly enough to anyone looking to develop as a waller.”

Below is a picture of the wall Ben built after his first Stone Trust workshop. The owner wanted it to look like it was tumbling into the pond. (Quarry buster hammer in photo for scale.)

Thanks to Ben for sharing his thoughts and these two photos.