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Participant Submissions from England to the Pacific Coast!

“I would like to be part of a network of individuals near me with similar interests.”

–Workshop Participant, The Stone Trust Pennsylvania

Friends in walling live far and wide, so you may not be familiar with others who share your love for designing and building with stone. The Stone Trust wants to connect you, to develop the experience of camaraderie among dry stone wallers at all levels of experience and engagement. Many of you have a strong desire to share your stories, photos, thoughts, questions, and knowledge. Feel free to send them to

A UK Walling Sampler!

UK Waller Tony Meehan’s hammers were passing through customs when he sent us photos (see also above) and this thought:

I’ve got some beautiful walling to do in sunny West Yorkshire England and I need your hammers ASAP.

I can send you some pictures of our work and you can see how us English lads do it.

I enjoy looking at your work in the US and I’d love to work over there.

North American wallers love to see how the English lads do it! Many of them would like a chance to work in the Old Country, too!

Happy New Year from the Black-tailed Deer!

DSWA Level 1 Waller Tom Kirschner sends photos and writes:

What happened is that I’m working on a stone circle and within minutes of finishing this cairn two deer showed up to check it out. The next day five came. They weren’t scared at all and very interested in the stonework.

In the next few weeks I’ll finish it and send you some more.

We bet you’re interested in the stonework, too! You may also want to read Tom’s article in Hearting 2021,“Historical Significance: A Surprising History of Stonework in a Small California Canyon.”

You can expect the next issue of Hearting: The Annual Journal of the Stone Trust, Issue 2, Spring 2023 in the late spring. A broad, deep, and often moving compendium of articles by and about dry stone walling and dry stone wallers. The Stone Trust produce the journal on behalf of our members. Thanks to all members for your support!

Everyone who sends a “participant submission” furthers a collective sense of camaraderie. Sometimes your message arrives and we have met in person. Other times, you introduce yourself with your email. Send your thoughts to

Thank you, friends in walling, for sharing your walling inspirations and helping to create a broad, increasingly connected walling community!