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Pick-up Truck Sculptures in Stone

Chris Miller sent photos from a series of stone pickups he is building in places around the U.S. He writes, “Yes, I’ve built a number of these trucks so far. The criteria is for each new one to be more interesting and more challenging than the one before. My goal is to do a limited edition of 10 trucks.”
Chris adds, “I think it’s important to mention that these are in no way considered dry stone wall builds. They are stylistically dry wall in appearance, but this is primarily a stone sculpture and contain infrastructure and design considerations that would never be used in walling.”

“First one was in front of my studio in Vermont using local stone. I didn’t follow a design. It was sloppy and proportionally crude,” Chris adds.

The next one was in Georgia where Martin [Beevers] joined to help. It was in various flagstone and modeled after a 1940 Ford. This was at a car center and incorporated a water feature which now is a standard part of the designs.

“Next was a 1929 Ford at 125% scale in Maryland and (Jared (Flynn) joined to help. It was entirely in Granite, which is the material I am most familiar with for sculpture. It featured more hand sculpted parts like curved fenders,” adds Chris.

Currently working in Texas on a granite 52 Ford which is a portrait of the clients truck.

“The next on schedule for June is a 53 Chevrolet in Arizona with Martin and Jared,” Chris concludes.
That will be number five. Looking forward to seeing photos of that when Chris, Martin, and Jared are done!