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An amazing job of Site Prep and Historic Wall Rebuild! (June 8, 9 & 10, 2018)

Over the course of three days days, the participants did an amazing job transforming a linear heap of rocks, the common state of many neglected field walls, into a fantastic dry stone wall. 

11 participants attended the site prep day and sorted the stone, prepared the base, did lots of shaping to create some cheek end stones and through stones, and got the batter frames set up.

Over the weekend 18 participants, from as far away as California, Alabama and Kansas, built over 50 feet of wall with 2 cheek ends 5′ – 6″ tall.  We enjoyed fantastic weather and a great group of people interested in learning to build with stone.  Excellent instruction was provided by Brian Post, Hilary Dees, Jordan Keyes.

There will be another workshop just like this one in October with the site Prep on Friday, Oct 12th (register here), and the weekend wall building on Oct 13 & 14 (register here).