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Read it again! “Walls That Stay Built” by Brian Post

Fine Homebuilding Article Cover
Fine Homebuilding Article Cover

Kernels of Wisdom from This Primer on Building an Enduring Dry Stone Wall

If you learn to properly lay dry stone, you can build walls that out-last your great-grandchildren.

Mortar hurts more than it helps.

Base the design on the site and the stone.

As you start out, aim to build 5 sq. ft. to 15 sq. ft. per day. If you’re slower than that, you are likely being too fussy. If you’re faster than that, you’re likely not being careful enough.

People worry too much about the foundation.

 A mouse might be able to work its way through a well-hearted wall, but a squirrel will definitely not.

Bet you’ll want to read the whole article for Brian’s thorough guidance and its inspiring photos.

 Thanks to Brian Pontolilo, Editorial director, Fine Homebuilding for permission to share this 2017 article with the friends of The Stone Trust,

and to former editor Andy Engel for bringing it to our attention.