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Reading List – Essential Edition w Sean Adcock

Renowned Sean Adcock, DSWA  Master Craftsman (and good friend of the Stone Trust!), has recently been awarded a 2024 British Empire Medal (BEM) for services to dry stone walling. 

Sean has made an outstanding contribution to dry stone walling as evidenced by his long career in the UK and North America having undertaken walling projects, talks and instructing.

Sean Adcock is a six-time North Wales Professional Champion in dry stone walling and has taught students across the world, undertaken a series of large-scale projects, written a number articles,  books and  essential technical guides including being an author of the ever-popular Dry Stone Walling Practical Handbook (often referred to as the ‘wallers bible’) which was the beginning of Sean penning numerous other publications such as the important bilingual booklet “Clawdd Construction/Codi Cloddiau”. You can learn more about Sean Adcock his work and background here .

In this curated collection of essential “How To” references, you will find some of Sean Adcock’s valuable writings  on the topic of dry stone walling. A good starter collection of titles to have on any waller’s bookshelf.


Dry Stone Walling: A Practical Handbook by Alan Brooks & Sean Adcock

Written by Alan Brooks and Sean Adcock this is the fourth edition of this extensive handbook on dry stone walling. Often referred to as the “bible” by wallers , this handbook covers every topic related to proper dry stone walling. See Description below for more details. Edited by Elizabeth Agate. Illustrations by Elizabeth Agate and Linda Francis. First published 1977 by The Conservation Volunteers, Sedum House, Mallard Way, Doncaster DN4 8DB Registered Charity in England (261009), Scotland (SC039302)

Stonework: A technical guide to standards and identification of common faults in dry stone walling by Sean Adcock

Written by Sean Adcock, this helpful guide focuses on common problems in walling and how to avoid them. It is filled with examples of poor walling and side by side comparisons of correct and incorrect technique. A very valuable guide. The content found here is not available in any other book. Published 2012 by the North Wales Branch of the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain.