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Reading List -Late Winter

Winter for many of us – especially in northern climates,  still has a good hold over our days. With temperatures still regularly dropping below zero degrees and winter storms still rolling in weekly, it’s not to hard to understand that the best chair in the house is still the one closest to the woodstove with a good book.

Here’s a little bit of what’s been on our reading list here at The Stone Trust

Between Stone and Sky: Memoirs of a Waller

At the age of twenty-six, Whitney Brown met a dry-stone waller. Within weeks she was out on the hill with him in Wales, learning the language of dry-stone walling. Far away from the pressures of her old life, she found deep satisfaction in working with her hands, in the age and heft of the stones, and the ring of the hammer.

Out under the open sky, Whitney relished every sore muscle and smashed finger, opportunity to stand atop a wall she’d just built and feel like the strongest woman alive.

Stone by Stone

There once may have been 250,000 miles of stone walls in America’s Northeast, stretching farther than the distance to the moon. They took three billion man-hours to build. And even though most are crumbling today, they contain a magnificent scientific and cultural story about the geothermal forces that formed their stones, the tectonic movements that brought them to the surface, the glacial tide that broke them apart, the earth that held them for so long, and about the humans who built them. Written by Robert M. Thorson

The Stone Trust Coffee Mug


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