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The Stone Trust has some of the best resources available on the web for Dry Stone Walls.  Whether you want to learn to build a wall, are looking for a contractor, design specs, or some inspiration for your next project this is the place for you!  We frequently update this portion of the website with more information, so check back often.

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Find A Stone Wall Contractor – Need to find a waller?  This is the most complete list of Certified Dry Stone Wallers in North America.  Includes an interactive map and listings by State.

Project Referrals – Have a project but not sure who to call?  Want to let dry stone wall contractors know about your Request for Proposal (RFP)?  Just fill out a quick, secure, online form and it automatically goes to all our professional members.

How to Build Walls – Looking for correct how-to information?  This is the place to learn how to build your own stone wall.

Photo Gallery –  Get Inspired!  See the stone work of certified wallers from all over North America

Stone Wall Design and Spcifications – Learn about dry stone wall design and download typical stone wall specifications and details for dry stone walls.

Sources for Stone – Stone walls take a lot of stone to build.  This page lists quarries and other sources

Dry Stone Retaining Wall Specifications.

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    Retaining Walls – In the eyes of a past workshop participant
    Posted July 1, 2019
    Judy Rand DSWA-GB Certified Level II Waller and Instructor sent in two photos and the following paragraph.  Taking a workshop really does change the way you see the world around you. "This failing cement retaining wall is on my walking route to town.    Each time I walk by I think about how it was not [...]
    Waller of the month: Daniel Peterson
    Posted July 1, 2019

    DANIEL PETERSON (Minnesota) focuses on developing landscapes and designs aimed at long-term sustainability and functionality based on ecologic and permaculture systems design.

    Master Class: Random Walling: Part 1
    Posted June 27, 2019
    The content below was copied with the generous permission of the author Sean Adcock.  This Master Class article originally appeared in the Winter 2009 issue of Stonechat, produced by the North Wales Branch of the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Brittan.  This entire issue of Stonechat, and many more, are available at http://www.dswales.org.uk/Stonechat.html   Thank [...]
    A variety of learning at the Historic Wall Rebuild! (June 14-16, 2019)
    Posted June 17, 2019

    Six participants had a great time learning all the in-depth details of working with fieldstone in Springfield VT this past weekend.

    Waller of the month: Mark Jurus
    Posted June 4, 2019

    MARK JURUS (Maryland) is dedicated to the craft of dry laid stone construction as is evident in his Blog, YouTube channel and training site for workshops and certification. Quality not quantity – one project at a time.

    A map of fascinating Dry Stone Structures around Dummerston
    Posted June 3, 2019

    Did you know that in addition to the walls and features at The Stone Trust Center there are some wonderful dry stone structures in and around Dummerston which are publicly accessible and built by local wallers?

    Great workshop on building Retaining Walls that last! (June 2, 2019)
    Posted June 3, 2019

    During the Retaining Wall workshop, participants learned the fundamental differences between retaining walls and free standing walls.

    Learning how to Split and Shape Stone! (June 2, 2019)
    Posted June 3, 2019

    At the Stone Shaping Workshop the focus was on the finer details of splitting boulders and field stone using feathers and wedges as well as trying out a variety of hammers and chisels.

    Awesome Introductory Workshop! (June 1, 2019)
    Posted June 3, 2019

    At a sold out workshop, 16 participants learned the basics of dry stone walling in a beautiful setting at Broadview Farm.

    Retaining Wall Challenges
    Posted June 1, 2019

    We were recently emailed about a retaining wall that was starting to fail just 8 years after construction.  This wall is a good example of the problems that retaining walls can have whether dry stone or constructed with other materials.

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