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A fabulous job at the Retaining Wall Workshop! (Sept. 15, 2019)

On Sunday, 11 participants gathered at Broadview Farm to take their learning to the next level and find out the additional knowledge needed for a successful retaining wall. This requires that the focus be on a sound structure that will last for generations. Foundations, drainage, perforated pipe, filter fabric, geo-textiles and more are all discussed or demonstrated with a balance of verbal instruction and hand-ons experience.  Each student worked their own portion of the wall,  but teamwork is required where those sections come together. A fabulous job!

The instructors for the workshop were DSWA-GB Certified Instructors Daniel Arabella and Pete Ryder.

Here Helen, Chris, Natt and Mike work on the last portion of foundation together.
The shadows grow longer and the stone selection is waning as we near top of wall. A fabulous job!
Daniel Arabella works with Chris to solve a challenge while Helen is selecting her next stone. It is gratifying to see students make better decisions as the wall goes up.