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A Pretty Impressive Wall from the Southern Contingent!

Martin Beevers, the Stone Trust Tennessee site champion, writes:

We had an impromptu get together of local stone enthusiasts here in Nashville.  I put out an SOS for help building a retaining wall for next year’s workshop season and ten hardy souls answered the call. Well, Tennessee is known as the Volunteer State. It was a testament to the community of wallers that is developing down here. Everyone who came had their first experience of dry stone walling at the Tennessee site. And in two short years they have all made genuine strides in their knowledge and skills. The wallers included several recently certified wallers, alumni of the Derbyshire American Training Program.

Tennessee has two distinct types of stone–sandstone, which I chose to build the freestanding training walls, and limestone.  I wanted the site to have both so chose a beautiful, blocky limestone for the retaining wall. It came from Neil Dalton’s Mid Tenn Sand and Stone quarry in Lewisburg.

There were 40 tons of palletized stone. I had prepared the bank and built a section as an example of what I wanted the group to do. My only instruction was, “Make it look like that,” and they were off and running. The results speak for themselves. Not only did we build a good-looking section of wall, we had a great time doing it.

Many thanks to Robin, Jeff, Brianna and Luciano who came from Atlanta. Doug, Stew, Claudia and Drew from Asheville, Will, Malcolm and Bill from Tennessee, and Phyllis who came all the way from Pennsylvania.