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The Nuances of Retaining Walls! (August 11, 2018)

Despite some showers, an enthusiastic group of 13 participants spent Saturday, August 11th, learning the additional rules and methods that apply to building retaining walls, which are prevalent throughout the northeast. During the day, they built 40 feet of wall utilizing several different types of stone. They did an excellent job of taking down a 6 feet high retaining wall and then rebuilding & improving it to a height of 5 feet. The principals they learned can be applied to all retaining walls whether hand-built or built with large stones and equipment. It was a fun day and a great way to add to their dry stone wall skills!

This Retaining Wall Workshop was taught by certified instructors Jamie Masefield and Jerry Coggin.

Participant comments:

“The whole thing was a great experience.”

Learning “the nuances of retaining walls v. other walls.”

“Instructors were great.”

“Personal attention.”