Entry-Level Professional Waller Scholarship

Funding to support aspiring wallers through Level 2 professional certification, established in 2021 by the Stone Trust.

Donations to the scholarship fund help us meet our mission and vision. The scholarship assists those awarded scholarships to achieve DSWA Level 2 Waller certification while connecting to their current experience of walling and plan for professional development. Thank you for your generous support.

Mission: To preserve and advance the art and craft of dry stone walling


1) preserving cultural heritage

2) encouraging ecological resilience

3) promoting meaningful livelihoods that sustain families

and the communities where they live and work.

Scholarship Goals:

  • To advance the ranks of professional wallers who teach for the Stone Trust,

  • To develop locally-based professional walling communities that make teaching and learning sustainable,

  • To actualize the potential for presenting the Curriculum in Dry Stone regionally to the nearly six hundred people a year who now travel hundreds and thousands of miles to participate in Stone Trust training and certification events.

The scholarship provides up to $5000 per awardee over three years. Those that are awarded scholarships and complete certification and instructor certification participate in the Stone Trust instructor pool, an area in which growth is much needed, especially around newer Stone Trust training sites. As we know, no teachers, no training in dry stone walling.

Additional instructors in the art and craft of dry stone walling and additional training sites further the Stone Trust’s mission and vision, creating more dry stone masons and building a broad and deep instructor pool. Local instructors reduce travel costs and increase awareness of the art and craft of dry stone walling.

In 2021, initial funding for the scholarship came from the Stone Trust board, who reserved $5,000 from the Annual Fund. A very generous donor added $5000 to support this initiative, half of which was designated to fund women entering the trade. Additional donors have designated funding to the scholarship fund, including $30,000 from an anonymous donor in 2023.

The awarded funds pay tuition for Stone Trust workshops and test fees. Scholarship funds are not part of annual TST operating budget expenses as they are directly funded through donations to the scholarship fund. In fact, scholarship funds support enrollment in training and certification events and buffer cash flow.

Funding is also awarded, as needed, to assist with travel and lodging, time away from work/lost income, books, tools and work apparel and child/family care. The goal is to remove barriers in the development process of wallers. The application process also inquires about the applicant’s own self-funding of development as a dry stone mason and who else is also able to provide financial support for this endeavor.

Thank you for your attention to understanding the context for the scholarship. It is important that all of the constituents of The Stone Trust understand the rationale for the organizational decisions taken.

At present, the Entry-Level Professional Waller Scholarship Fund contains $11,824, enough to fund two aspiring waller-teachers for three years. Will you help fund three more?

To help prepare next-generation wallers to preserve and advance the art and craft of dry stone walling, please donate here.